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Metrowest Travel Program (check back for 2021-22 updates soon)


We will abide by all requirements specified by the MA Youth Sports guidelines referenced above, including modifications to those guidelines over time. Masks will be required at all times for all players and coaches, and there will be a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance. WBA's current COVID Safety information can be found here.


1) Practices – We hope to be able to offer each team at least 1 practice a week. In normal years we are able to offer each of our teams two practice slots each week because we have use of 6 Westwood schools and between 4-6 gyms at private schools. Neither Westwood nor the private schools have made the gyms available to date. We continue to discuss with the schools various proposals to use gyms on a more limited basis.


We continue to work to secure private gyms and have been somewhat successful in arranging for some for Jan-Feb. Needless to say, gyms are few and far between but we are hopeful to use Forekicks in Norfolk and the Kingsbury Club in Medfield.


No parents or spectators will be allowed inside any of the practice facilities at this time. We will put out additional rules for players to ensure practice is structured in the safest way. This will include masks at all times, no bags or backpacks, no entering facilities until the start of a practice, bringing your own ball, frequent sanitizing of hands and any shared basketball.



2) Games – With games now approved by the state, each team will play one game each week at Mass Premier in Mansfield and/or Dana Barros in Stoughton. Both faciltiies have 4-6 courts and we expect that they will enforce a common set of COVID rules through Metrowest which will include masks at all times for players on the bench and during games.


As of now, we anticipate that each player will be allowed only 1 parent/spectator to ensure social distancing and occupancy restrictions. WBA will only permit 1 parent/spectator (and no siblings) at games/ We expect to implement a system to provide Metrowest and the facilities with names of those in attendance in advance.  We realize this is not ideal, but at the time of tryouts, we anticipated that no spectators would be allowed to attend.


Masks and social distancing by parents/coaches/spectarors at these facilities will be equally important and subject to zero-tolerance. It goes without saying but if this season is going to work, we all need to do our part. If a player tests positive having participated in a game, we understand from Metrowest that we must suspend team activities, including games.


Games will start on January 2 and continue through mid-March, including both weekends of February break.  They will be played either Saturday or Sunday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.  We will attempt to schedule games at a consistent time for each grade level so they are predictable.


Fee: $325


COVID Policy 


WBA has published a COVID Policy on our website that will be refined as additional details are released by the state.  


We are requiring all players and coaches to wear masks at practices, clinics, and if allowed, games.  Players will be required to bring their own balls and hand sanitizer to practice, and we will take frequent breaks to sanitize hands and equipment.  Please review the policy in detail, as we will have a zero-tolerance policy for violations.




Players with uniforms bought for the 2019-20 season may use that uniform.  Because of COVID, WBA has outsourced uniforms which are now ordered and shipped directly to you through www.squadlocker.com by CLICKING HERE

Cost for the uniform is $34 for the jersey (Badger B-Slam Reversible) and $23 for the shorts (Badger B-Slam Reversible, plus shipping.  You should order ASAP due to printing and shipping. If you are new to the WBA, please contact registrar@westwoodbasketball.org to have your jersey number assigned to you.


While this season is shaping up to be a significantly different in that we are limited by practice time, gym space availability and State and Metrowest guidelines regarding roster sizes, the WBA travel program is still a competitive program for serious players and requires a greater commitment than our in-town basketball program, which is unfortunately suspended at this time.


In closing, since March we have tried our best to provide programming options that are as flexible, cost effective, and safe as possible. Our summer and fall clinics sold out within hours. Several surrounding towns have taken different routes with regards to planning for the Metrowest that include: not participating at all; not holding tryouts; limiting participation to just 1 or 2 team per grade; limiting rosters to just 8; and canceling 4-5th grades.


While no plan will be perfect, we are happy we were able to hold a successul tryout, include all grades 4-8, maximize participation and ensure compliance with all State and Metrowest guidance. Our goal has always been to support as many kids as we can who want to play competitive basketball safely this winter. We are managing many variables and uncertainties, and are making decisions based on all of the information we have at our disposal. Thanks for bearing with us. We look forward to seeing your kids on the court!