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Week 1 ideas:

The Fundamentals: Ball control, footwork, spacing and basic finishing at the hoop. 

Passing/Spacing key points -  Keep 12-15 spacing. Too far and the pass is a lob (no lobs) too close and one defender can guard both of you.  Don’t run behind ball handlers (same concept, easy for defender). Basket cut or screen away.

Ball Control – Need possession to score! Controlling the ball means being able to protect vs one defender without dribbling. Don’t dribble until YOU want to. Catch passes, Pivot to face the hoop and look to pass. Break the habit of randomly dribbling when catching the ball.

Finishing - Best chance to score is near the hoop. Low block, low block or "Logo". Thats the spot 2-3 feet inside the foul line where NBA teams paint the logo.  

Warm up:

5 min – End to end two man passing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUNvAOjWzcg

5 min - Jump stop pivot and pass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgqdv9ySjYM

7-8 min – Dynamic stretch plus plyo jumping. (High knees, toy soldiers, broad jumps)

10 min – Ball handling. Sometimes I’ll do tabata style (20 sec work, 10 rest) of stationary work (tap dribble, pound, around the leg circles) or you can do end to end moving (all right hand, crossovers, duck walk)


Team drills:

15 min – 3 v 2 v 1.  Emphasis on good passes. Easy rules to follow 1. Keep driving until someone stops you, when challenged make a good, quick pass 2. Stay 12-15 feet spaced out  3. Try to get to the block to score, don't settle for jumpers


10-15 min - 3 man passing drill – teaches basket cutting (NOT dribbling) and spacing


Once they’ve run it a few times add in defense and have them try to score. No ball screens. If you aren’t open basket cut or screen away.

15 min - 3 v 3 v 3 full court.  Three teams of three. Team A starts with the ball and goes towards basket 1. Team B defends. If Team A scores they keep the ball and go towareds basket 2 with Team C defending. If defending team stops the offense they take it down to the other end. So on and so forth. Team wins when each player scores 1 or 2 hoops (whatever coach decides)

Finishing drills

15 min – Foul line to block layups. At each hoop one player at each elbow. Teammate starts under hoop, passes out and sprints out to challenge. Offense shot fakes then drives to hoop. Younger kids should learn the right, left foot work, progress to a jump stop two foot finish.

10 min – Same drill but defender runs out, taps the players elbow and they play 1 v 1. Defenders should angle to one side (push middle if possible) and use chest to be physical, not hands.


Link to Drills/Practice plans