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Westwood Basketball Association

2021-22 IN-TOWN Grades 2 thru 12 Basketball Registration

The WBA In-Town basketball program is open to all interested boys and girls in Grades 2 thru 12.  The In-Town program plays on Saturdays during 75-minute time slots made up of approximately 30 minutes of practice time followed by a 45-minute game.  The program starts the first weekend in December and runs until the beginning of March.

To register, please click on the "register online" tab in the navigation panel on the left side of this homepage.

The registration fee for In-Town basketball is $100 per player and registration is open until November 15, 2021 (December 3 for high school players).  Discounts applied for families with 3 or more players.



Base Cost: $100.00

Opened: 10/10/2021
Closes: 01/21/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls

Residents of: 02090

In Grades: 2 to 12 for 2021-22 School year

2021-22 In-Town Student Referee Training Program Registration -

Westwood Basketball Student Referee Training

The Westwood Basketball Association (WBA) is pleased to announce the continuation of our Referee Training Program for the upcoming 2021/2021 In-town basketball season.  Students in the 9th grade and up are eligible to ref for WBA.

There will be a mandatory training course for anyone who has not been a ref for the WBA in-town program before. It will take place in mid-November and be announced at a later date.

The training is optional for those who have already attended.  The course will cover: basic rules, positioning, mechanics and game management. You need to demonstrate that you know correct positioning and game management skills in order to be considered as an official for the upcoming WBA In-Town season.

Important Notes:

  1. This year there will be an application process.  You will need to write a paragraph or two outlining your interest in being a ref and bring it to the training.  More on that in a later communication.  Seniors and Juniors will be exempted for doing this assignment.
  2. Please register early for the training. Registration closes Nov 15th
  3. Please make sure that you have a significant amount of time free on most Saturdays before signing up
  4. Refs with experience may be scheduled for more games than newer refs
  5. We have moved to a graduated pay system; Refs who have reffed before will be paid more, based on the number of years' experience
  6. The number of registrants will likely be limited due to Covid, our gym usage, and the number of expected in-town teams this year. 

You can register now at www.westwoodbasketball.org - the fee is $25 for new applicants. A referee jersey and official whistle will be provided as part of the class for the newcomers. 


If you have any questions, please email treasurer@wedtwoodbasketball.org and/or refereecoordinator@ westwoodbasketball.org. While all interested individuals are urged to apply, Westwood Basketball reserves the right to limit the number of referees or not to schedule a referee that is selected. 

Base Cost: $25.00

Opened: 10/16/2021
Closes: 11/15/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls

Residents of: 02090

In Grades: 9 to 16 for 2021-22 School year

2021-22 MetroWest Travel Basketball Player Fee and Registration - 7th and 8th Grade ONLY

Use this link to register your child(ren) for the 2021-2022 MetroWest Travel Basketball season - 7TH and 8TH Grade Only.  Please note that this registration process is only for those children who have tried out and been selected to play on a MetroWest Travel Basketball team.

There is a $325 fee for participating in the Westwood Travel program.

As always, we encourage your children to also separately register for and participate in our in-town basketball program.

Base Cost: $325.00

Opened: 10/11/2021
Closes: 10/30/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: 7 to 8 for 2021-22 School year