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Welcome and thank you for volunteering your time! 
This is meant to be a resource for all WBA coaches to share ideas and help each other throughout the season and year over year.  
The focal point for now is the offense I've been using over the last few years. I'm calling it "Westwood Spread" for our purposes here. The inspiration stems from a friend of mine who played college basketball at St. Joe's in Maine. His former teammate (who is now the head coach) joined up with another former St. Joe's alum to create a unique, principle based offense. They have been running it for a few seasons now with great success.
It may sound a bit strange at first (no positions, no ball screens) but the basics it teaches; (good spacing, moving with purpose, ball handling and court vision) are all cornerstones of any offense in basketball. In addition it is easy to teach, fun to practice and works against all types of defenses. 
Here is a link to a youtube breakdown done by a random internet person... https://youtu.be/eMdPLhA7drI
My goal is to add additional guides for Defense (man, zone and press) as well as press breaks, out of bounds plays and skill development games/drills.  More to come.....